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  • Welding rotator series include self aligning type and conventional type, the series are used for welding, polishing and assembly the cylinder -shells and to line the shells
  • The self aligning type can be aligned by itself according to the size of the shell, conventional type can be adjusted center to center spacing of roller group by manual lead screw of preformed bolt holles, it can be controlled with AC frequency converter, andd roller speed is display by the digital with advanced and reliable
  • We also can design the customize various types of the welding rotator in accordance with the customer requirement
  • We are looking forward to cooperating with the friends all over the world to create the future together


Self Aligning Turning Rolls

Self Aligning Turning Roolls is used for welding pipe diameter 500 to 3500mm, the speed of the motor is controlled by frequency inverter with adjustable width, easy to use.

Welding Rotator - 20 T

The rotary jaws select the diameter of the tube, the four wheels of the active cluster are driven by two deceleration motors, rotational speed is adjusted by inverter

Welding fixture aluminum

Aluminum plate welding using heat resistance to facilitate the welding of aluminum sheet

Positioner system

Positioner system used to clamp circular parts, robot hangers can be welded anywhere

Welding Positioner

Welding positioner is special equipment for flange and dish type workpiece, it can realize rotating at 360 and it can be used with welding manipulator and welding power

Welding turning rolls

Welding turning rolls using rotary-speed rotary chucks, adjustable from 0 to 180 degrees.

2 Position Rotator

2 Position Rotator for welding robots using rotary-speed rotary chucks, adjustable from 0 to 180 degrees.

Welding Positioner

Welding turn table are used for clamping, welding and welding of flanges for fast and accurate use


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